Friday, June 8, 2012

Sophie Girl Is Two Months

Sophie Marie is 2 months old
Height: 23 inches 75% percentile
Weight: 10 lb 8oz 30% percentile
Healthy and Happy Growing Little Girl

The past 2 months Sophie has learned to:

  • Smile which is the cutest thing ever
  • Roll over from her belly to her back 
  • Hold on to things like her blanket
  • Started to coo and make lots of noises 
  • She has discovered her hands

Sophies loves:
  • To take baths 
  • When daddy comes home
  • Being outside in the sun
  • Cuddles with her mom and dad
  • Her pink blanket 
  • Loves music
  • Seeing her Grandmas and Grandpas 
Sophie is my pride and joy. I love watching her grow and learn different things everyday. I have loved every minute of being her mom. Sophie may look like her daddy but she has her moms attitude!  

Holding her blanket 

Love the water

Watching mommy  work out

At the splash park

Sitting in her bumbo

I love you Sophie Marie

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  1. We love her too. She has changed the entire Wynn family. Thank you for always sending pictures since we don't get to see Sophie as often as we would like to. She is the cutest!