Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Birth Story

April 2, 2012 is a day I will always remember. A day that my life changed forever for the better. The day I became a mom. Sophie Marie came into our lives at 6:09 weighing 7 lbs. 8 oz and 20 inches long. Davey and I couldn't ask for anything more than a healthy beautiful little girl. We are truly blessed to have her in our life.
So here is the story.
After being 5 days past my due date and trying to do everything to induce my labor I thought our little girl was going to come into our lives on April 1. Early Sunday morning I started to feel contractions that got a little stronger and closer together. So I thought this was it. We went into the hospital, after calling our family and friends telling them that we are going to have a baby today. Daveys mom, Patti, got in her car from Cedar City to drive up thinking she was going to have her first grandchild.  We went in to the hospital, they checked how dilated, and I was disappointed that I was only at a 2 but I had high blood pressure so they wanted to keep an eye on me to make sure the baby and I were ok.  After an hour my contractions stopped and my blood pressure went down and they told me that it was false labor and I was going home. I was in tears saying this must be a joke. Someone must be playing an April fools joke on me. That someone was our little Sophie. She just wanted to tease me. So I was sent home with an induction date for Tuesday, April 3.
Davey went to work the next day thinking I would not have the baby till Tuesday. My mom came in from California the week before to be here for the baby. So on April 2 I had my 41 week appointment with Dr. Twelves. As she walked in the room she told me I was done being pregnant and that I was going to have a baby today. I was in shock because they had already told me they would  induce me the next day. However, I was dilated to a 4 and the baby's head was down ready to come.  Dr. Twelves told me I don't even have time to go home to get my stuff. I called Davey at work saying we are having a baby today. He didn't believe me. I just told him I am going to the hospital and he better meet me there.
I got checked in to the hospital and they started me on pitocin and the contractions started. I have never felt so much pain in my life. I couldn't take it any longer so after 3 hours of pain I got an epidural. That was the best thing in my life at that time. Thank goodness for epidurals.  After I got my epidural, I was a different person, I was so happy and cracking jokes. We had a party in the delivery room. There was my mom, my mother in law Patti, my sister Laurie, my best friend Braydee, and of course Davey.
5 hours into my labor everyone left to go get food thinking I would have a long labor  and they wanted to eat which was not nice because I couldn't eat until after she was born and I was starving. While they were gone I felt a lot of pressure but I didn't think much of it. They all came back and after an hour they went to the gift shop while I tried to rest. The nurse came in and checked how dilated I was. She told me that I was ready to push. I hurried and called Davey telling him to get up her fast and that I was going to start pushing. I have never seen so many people run into my room so fast as my family.
After 7 hours of labor and 30 minutes of pushing I got to hold my baby girl for the first time. What an amazing experience. I couldn't be more in love with someone so little and so perfect.
Ready to have our little girl

My Wonderful Mom and Sister

My mom and my best friend Braydee

I have the best Mother In Law

Holding her for the first time

Dr.Twelves and Us 

Love her 

Our first family picture
Both of the Grandmas 
Our sweet Sophie

Davey and I couldn't ask for anything better. We are so lucky to be parents and we thank our Father in Heaven for sending Sophie into our lives.
We love you Sophie Marie